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About Chitra Pritam

Writing is the work of people associated with education and literature. Although, this is hard and difficult task for me, however, I have a few words for my friends. Please do not consider my syntax a written prose as these are spontaneously spoken words which I present before you in all humbleness.

To become a painter was the only desire I had in life. I remained engrossed in finding the path to achieve redemption, until one day, with a few letters of Syed Anees Shah Gilani in hand, I left my village Sanjarpur (District Rahimyarkan) and began my life in the busy metropolitan of Karachi. With little to go on and being without friends and help, my unrelenting faith became a strength that kept my hopes high in the most agonizing times. In my obsession to paint I went through a period of deep fixation. In the melting pot of time, my life was thawing in such a way that I became oblivious to the material world, the existent and the obscure. There was only a singular objective under the influence of which I kept passing my day & night paying to God.


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